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Maple is my best friend, who else would sit on my keyboard and threaten to put their claws in my computer screen while I’m looking for a job?

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I’d swim across Lake Michigan
I’d sell my shoes
I’d give my body to be back again
In the rest of the room
To be alone with you

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Just kidding they don’t want me at the museum
I’m never going to find a job

— 2 days ago

Got a call about a museum job and we’re getting Thai food 8-)

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I really want to work at the county SPCA but they’re always hiring for the same jobs all the time so I’m assuming they fire people often or people hate it enough to quit after a few months

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I had a dream, within a dream, within another dream last night. It was BIZARRE

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My brother is going to Nepal in May. For a month. For free.

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Tbh my favorite thing about my eyes are my lower lids/dark circles
They are so cute

— 4 days ago

Why do our neighbors like ALL SPORTS
They’re perpetually yelling at their television

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I just made a chocolate peanut butter oat smoothie and it’s probably the most filling thing I’ve ever eaten ughhhh
I accidentally made too much

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